A modern metaphysical paradigm rooted in

the intersectionality of sacred systems.



Sacred Systems

 Agrahana: A healing technology supporting the neurophysiological transformation of human consciousness.

The Work

Geometry of Grace is a modern metaphysical paradigm rooted in the intersectionality of sacred systems. The methodology is sourced from three primary maps (Western Astrology, the Human Design and Jyotish), each offering a unique lens to explore human consciousness.  The embodied integration of these maps happens through our applied healing methodology, Agrahana, which is rooted in ancient wisdom traditions.

Often these maps of consciousness are applied without the recognition of the body as the territory in which they unfold. Geometry of Grace, through the application of Agrahana, works with the spine as the central fulcrum of all creation thus building the bridge between the mythic and the material.

The sacred systems of astrology and the human design offer a map of the territory within the process of awakening on a cellular level; Understanding the "Geometry" which is the most foundational aspect of who and what we are.

This system was birthed through Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan, who is a professor of Anatomy at Naropa University with an emphasis on spiritual anatomy and the beauty of the subtle body. He is a traditionally trained Network Chiropractor focused on revitalizing traditional healing arts and ancient esoteric systems.  With his studies in Western Academia, background in Vedantic studies and traditional Jyotish lineages, he synthesizes Western and Eastern, ancient and modern paradigms to support a deep and grounded transformation of human consciousness.  Among all else, Alec’s time spent with his root teacher Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has been the most influential on his life and work. This has inspired his exploration into the deep mysteries of the spine.

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